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Ugly Writing Contest
Win up to two hours free consultation in our Ugly Writing Contest.

Send us an example of the ugliest writing you've come across.  It can be from your own office, from your local, state, or federal government, your insurance company, anywhere.  The only requirement is that it has to be real, not made-up.

We are searching for real world examples of bad writing for inclusion in a book we're writing.  Our goal is to show before and after examples to demonstrate that it's actually easier to write well than to write badly.  Don't worry, the names will be changed to protect the guilty.

Each month we'll pick the ugliest submission and post it here on our site together with suggestions on how it could be improved.  The winner will receive up to two hours consultation or direct writing services.

Send your submission as an e-mail or attachment to contest@writewaycommunications.com, or mail it to us at:

Write Way Communications
6615 Chapel Crossing
Williamsburg, VA 23188

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About Us   |   Contact Us   |   Our Products and Services   |   Ugly Writing Contest   |   Privacy Policy